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本视频教程是由fumefxtraining机构出品的Maya中FumeFX流体模拟特效制作视频教程,FumeFX Maya Genesis ,时长:7小时,大小:7.12 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Maya 2014 FumeFX,作者:Allan McKay,共20个章节,语言:英语。


FumeFX Maya Genesis

I’m ready, and willing to make the commitment to myself to not just buy another one of those training DVD’s and skim through it. But thoroughly go through the fundamental curriculum supplied, but also apply it and continue to apply it and watch it over and over again until it SINKS IN! I want to take what I know about visual effects, whether I’m a beginner in this area, or a seasoned veteran, and expand my knowledge into mastering FumeFX and mastering VFX inside of Maya!

I know there are all the advanced subjects also supplied on this DVD as a bonus, such as the BONUS Effectors videos, and also the retiming, post processing, optimizations and Wavelet turbulence subjects and a whole heap of other cool videos I will only watch once I have gone through all of the core videos first!

And when I’m done watching this video for the 100th time and I now know all there is to know about FumeFX, and creating amazing mind blowing FX in Maya! I plan on staying in touch with Allan McKay throughout all of this, I understand that he will be sending additional videos and other cool content and personally staying touch through my journey and helping me personally better myself and expand my skillset with FumeFX Maya Genesis!



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