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本教程是由Digital-Tutors机构出品的Maya科幻角色建模教程,时长:5小时6分,教程使用软件:Maya 2011,附工程源文件,作者:Pat Imrie,官方发布时间:2012年3月1日,共18个章节,英语。


Digital-Tutors Creative Development: Modeling a Fantasy Character in Maya with Pat Imrie

In this Maya tutorial we will look at creating functional, efficient topology and learn how to utilize it to model a detailed character. Throughout these lessons we will take an in-depth look at some mixed polygon modeling techniques using Maya 2011. We'll focus on creating animation-friendly topology for our fantasy style character that will not only deform correctly but will also showcase detailed anatomy. By the end of this tutorial, we will have learned how to model clothes, props, books, candles and a human skull while covering a wide variety of modeling techniques to produce detailed and accurate meshes. While this tutorial uses Maya 2011, the techniques used are transferrable to any other polygon modeling software program.



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