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3dmotive Bidepal Rigging Course Part 1

In this colossal video series, instructor Justin Harrison breaks down the entire rigging process of a bipedal, humanoid creature from absolute start-to-finish. With what is among the more difficult and challenging tasks in the gaming and film industry, Justin guides you step by step through the entire process. Part 1 will showcase a course overview as we cover the bare-bone basics of all aspects of the series, will dive straight into showing you how to set up the base skeleton, Forward and Inverse Kinematics, and creating control handles for your rig. Part 2 (arriving very soon!) covers creating IK handles, Constraints, Reverse Foot setup, painting skin weights, creating set driven keys, as well as cleaning up your rig. Also coming in Part 2 is a bonus chapter showing how to setup dynamic – animation driven joints on something like hair or cloth.


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