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本教程是由3DMotive机构出品的Maya双足生物骨骼制作技术教程第二辑,教程使用软件:Maya,包含工程源文件,作者:Justin Harrison,官方发布时间:2012年1月13日。

Maya 是目前世界上最为优秀的三维动画的制作软件之一,主要是为了影视应用而研发的,所以在出世后不久就在《精灵鼠小弟》、《恐龙》等这些大片中一展身手。除了影视方面的应用外Maya在三维动画制作,影视广告设计,多媒体制作甚至游戏制作领域都有很出色的表现。初识Maya 是目前世界上最为优秀的三维动画的制作软件之一,它是Alias|Wavefront公司在1998年才推出的三维制作软件。虽然相对于其他老牌三维制作软件来说Maya还是一个新生儿,但Maya凭借其强大的功能,友好的用户界面和丰富的视觉效果,一经推出就引起了动画和影视界的广泛关注,成为顶级的三维动画制作软件。

3DMotive Bipedal Rigging Series Part 2

Continuing on our Maya Rigging course, instructor Justin Harrison breaks down the rest of the rigging process of a bipedal, humanoid creature from absolute start-to-finish. With what is among the more difficult and challenging tasks in the gaming and film industry, Justin will continue to guide you step by step through the entire process. In Part 2, Justin covers creating IK handles, Constraints, Reverse Foot setup, painting skin weights, creating set driven keys, as well as cleaning up your rig. Also included in Part 2 is a bonus chapter showing how to setup dynamic – animation driven joints on something like hair or cloth.

Included with this video are the remaining source files covering every before-and-after step along the way of the rigging process. If you have ever struggled with rigging before, or just want to learn the basics of making your characters come to life, this video has everything you need!



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