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本教程是由Gnomon Workshop机构出品的Maya人物脸部精细建模高级教程。时长:2小时03分,教程所使用的软件:Maya, Photoshop 。

The Gnomon Workshop 艺术设计殿堂极力缔造者,由Gnomon出品的Gnomon Visual FX for Games: Real-Time Effects using Unreal Engine 3 (Unreal Engine 3游戏实时虚拟特效教程)。GNOMON教程,每每给我们于激情与期待!让我们在CG设计路上不再独行!让我们共同期待!让我们共同期待与业界CG顶尖设计师的面对面!少玩多花些时间多学习学习,让我们的商业作品与众不同!Gnomon的教程向来以其前沿的技术和清晰的视频质量而受到广大用户的青睐。

Modeling the Human Head

This DVD takes you through the artistic and technical process of sculpting a human head from a polygonal cube. In this DVD, Kevin Hudson shows why character modelers are moving away from Nurbs modeling and toward Polygon/Subdivision surface modeling, which allows more freedom to localize detail and work with texture. Follow along as Kevin considers and sculpts the various features of the face - nose, mouth, eyelids and ears - as he transforms this simple structure into something as complex as the human head.

Chapters: Disk One

1. General Theory

2. Special Tools

3. Getting Started

4. The Polygon Layout

5. The Mouth

6. The Eye Area

Chapters: Disk Two

1. The Nose

2. General Touchup

3. The Ear

4. The Interior Mouth

5. Mirroring the Second Half

6. Conclusion


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