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本教程是由Digital-Tutors机构出品的Maya与ZBrush制作海洋怪兽教程,时长:3小时20分,教程使用软件:Maya 2011, Topogun 1.06, ZBrush 4R2,附工程源文件,作者:Darrell Abney,官方发布时间:2011年3月1日。


Digital-Tutors Creative Development: Creating a Sea Creature in Maya and ZBrush with Darrell Abney

In this Maya tutorial we will learn time-saving techniques and workflows for creating a digital creature maquette in Maya, ZBrush and TopoGun. When creating a creature concept for the film industry, it is common for a director to ask for a detailed character rendering or even a 3D print of the creature before approving a character concept. Throughout these lessons we will look at the creative process of taking a 2D concept and turning it into a 3D digital maquette that is detailed enough to show a film director for approval. Once approved, before the VFX studio can integrate the character concept into it's pipeline it must first be fully retopologized into a clean mesh that is ready for rigging and animation. By the end of this tutorial we will have gone through the entire conceptual process of creating a film-ready character concept that is posed, prepared in accordance with 3D printing standards and rendered for a dramatic presentation.



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