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Learn a production workflow to creating urban environments and time-saving modeling, texturing, and UV mapping techniques that can be used for Film, Games, and Architectural Visualizations. Contains over 6 hours of project-based training. Great for intermediate artists.

Popular highlights include:

*Hard Surface Modeling Techniques

*Modeling with Texture

*Modeling to a Camera

*Strategically Adding Detail

*Simulating Aging and Decay

*UV Layout Techniques

*Using UV Snapshots

*Integrating Maya and Photoshop

*Generating Displacement Maps

*Texture Painting with Photoshop

*Layering Textures

*Tiling Textures

*Generating Procedural Maps

*Adding Architectural Elements

*Creating Interior Illusions with Textures

*Connecting Maya Texture Nodes

*Complex Scene Management

*Scene Optimization for Rendering


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