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中文名: Maya与PFtrack摄像机跟踪训练教程

英文名: Escape Studio - Tracking with PFtrack and Maya live


素材分类: CG教程

素材容量: 2.78Gb

素材格式: mp4

出品机构: Escape Studio

发行时间: 2010年12月

地区: 美国

对白语言: 英语

文字语言: 英文


Escape Studios now offer professional training in camera tracking. Knowing how to correctly track a shot is one of the most important skills you can learn to get a job as a junior VFX artist. In our camera tracking tutorials we show you how to use the industry-standard PFTrack software package to realistically track 3D objects inside live action scenes.

At the end of the course, you will have a completed scene featuring photo-realistic 3D objects seamlessly tracked, lit and animated, ready to drop into your showreel.


资源名称: maya与pftrack摄像机跟踪训练教程

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