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由Digital Tutors公司出品的Digital Tutors Creating Game Characters with Maya 2011 and ZBrush 4 教程,Maya 2011 和Zbrush 4 创建游戏角色教程。

教程所使用的软件:Maya 2011 and higher

In this course we will use Maya to create a game-type, low-resolution character from a highly detailed ZBrush model.

In this course, we'll go through the process of using Maya and Zbrush to convert a high resolution, sculpted and painted character into a low resolution game-type mesh that can be rigged and animated. We'll start by using Decimation Master to reduce the resolution of our model drastically while retaining much of the visual detail. Once we're in Maya, we'll build low resolution geometry around these detailed meshes to capture the important shapes of the character. We'll create uv layouts for the low resolution pieces and finally extract the color and sculpted detail from our high resolution pieces onto the new mesh. In the end we'll have taken a model of 20 million polygons down to a very useable 8-10k. Once you're done, you'll be able to use the workflow to transfer and convert your own high resolution characters into a more useable state.

1. Introduction and project overview

3. Preparing and exporting the body

5. Preparing and exporting the eyes

7. Building the low resolution pants

9. Finishing the low resolution pants

11. Starting the low resolution head

13. Finishing the head geometry

15. Finishing the hands and arms

17. Beginning the low resolution torso

19. Completing the main vest geometry

21. Reducing the resolution

23. Baking out maps for the body

25. Baking out maps for the torso

27. Creating specular maps

2. Splitting up the character's body

4. Preparing and exporting the clothing

6. Transferring high resolution pieces to Maya

8. Adding the belt and buckle

10. Creating a UV layout for the pants and boots

12. Working on the ears

14. Rebuilding the hands

16. Creating a UV layout for the body

18. Finishing the vest shape

20. Adding the vest details

22. Creating a UV layout for the torso

24. Baking out maps for the pants

26. Fixing texture issues in Photoshop


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